Frequently asked questions.

1.If you know the part number / article can enter Search by PART NUMBER.
2.If you do not know the details number / article, you can search parts catalog.
3.You can also call the specified phone number or send an e-mail

VIN number helps us to find correct detail for your vehicle but not every time,so in that case sales specialist could contact you for some additional information regards your query.

We offer spare parts for European, American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese car manufacturers models.

Yes, you can order used spare parts on our online store. We have entered into agreements with the largest second-hand spare parts from European suppliers. Fill out the request form.

Delivery is available in any of your specified location by courier, as well as your shipment can be delivered to the nearest post office or Statoil gas station.

Orders can be made in unlimited quantities, regardless of the commodity price.

Customer is the most responsible for the ordering goods, as well as if the product was not available and if we are able to choose a compatible position everything is agreed with the customer before ordering goods.

You can register function on most of the box '' My Account 'at the top and stamping fields to register.

Function on most of the box ‘’My Account ‘’on the right side will be the segment' 'Password' 'where you will be required to the following e-mail and a new password will be sent electronically to your e-mail.

We offer more than 1.5M spare parts for all kinds of car / motorcycle and commercial vehicles as well as a wide range of vehicle accessories and oil range.

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