Terms of the acquisition of goods and privacy policy

Please read and agree to the following accompanying online store epa.lv proposed acquisition of goods provisions.

When making purchases online store www.epa.lv Buyer to the Seller conclude a distance purchase and sale contract. Purchase and sale agreement is considered as concluded from the moment when the buyer online store has selected a product, presentation shopping basket, confirmed his agreement to these Terms and Conditions and press "Validate purchase!".

1.1 Choose the product you want to buy.

1.2 When a product is selected, it must be accompanied by a shopping cart - push the button "Add to cart". Once done, the message appears for information - "Added to cart".

1.3 If you want to buy from another online store offered products, Press Catalog or enter spare part number and click the "Search" button, if you want to place an order for a product that is already in your shopping cart, click "Cart" in the upper right side of the webpage.

1.4 In the section "Cart" you can see the added items to the basket (the table will display the name of goods, quantity and price). Here you can delete the added items. To order supplies You must create your account, if you already have an account You must press on the "Login" button in the section "My Account".

1.5. To your registered e-mail address will be sent a letter with information about your ordered products . If the payment order form has been chosen by bank transfer (Banklink), e-mail is sent to You with the pre-invoice.

1.6 Upon receipt of your to send online banking payment order or account will have received your to prepay, on the e-mail address you will receive a confirmation that your payment made has been received and ordered the product sent to the specified method of delivery to the address specified by you - the product will be delivered to the stated delivery address and the kind of delivery x working days.

2.1 Total Delivery time is the longest period of time is delivered to one of the Order contained in the product names. Delivery time is counted as working days. Seller's website www.epa.lv specified delivery deadlines are valid if the product is on the site of the manufacturer or other analog parts manufacturer warehouses Order inception. The specified date of delivery includes delivery to the Seller's warehouse in Riga.

2.2 When applying for an order, the buyer confirms the purchase conditions of each of the individual headings (delivery period, price).

2.3 The order is considered to be fulfilled at the time when the goods are transferred to the buyer. Order receipt confirmation is an integral part of the bill of lading issued by the Seller to the Buyer or its authorized representative signature and signed transcript. In case the order specified delivery time Buyer or its authorized representative is not at the above address for service, the product is returned to the Seller's warehouse, and re-supply the buyer has to pay according to specified.

2.4 Following the execution of Order Seller's obligations to the Customer shall be considered satisfied. If the Seller has made repeated two delivery orders to the address indicated by the buyer within the above time, the buyer or his authorized representative has not been present at the address indicated and at the Seller's obligations shall be considered satisfied. Seller has the right to refuse further supply options, and the buyer is obliged to himself to come to the Seller's warehouse and incoming goods.

2.5 Ownership of the goods and the associated liability shift from the Seller to the Buyer at the time of the transfer of goods.

Client has the right to refuse the order before the customer has received the product, but on the condition that the e-shop epa.lv are reimbursed, if incurred during the execution of the order. They would transport costs X euro.

Customer is entitled to withdraw from the order within 48 hours after order confirmation, sending information to the e-mail address [email protected]

The buyer has the right to refuse receipt of a Product of the Order provided that the Seller shall be reimbursed, if any, incurred in carrying out the execution of the order.

3.1 The realization of the right of withdrawal:

3.1.1 Upon receipt of the goods purchased to the Buyer shall be entitled to exercise the right, by giving notice to the Seller within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the moment of receipt and return the item without specifying the reason for the return by filling out the withdrawal form and bringing it together with the Product to the Seller's legal address.

3.1.2 The exercise of the rights and applying for the return of goods, the buyer Item must be returned to the Seller within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the notification of the right of withdrawal is sent. After this deadline, the Seller has the right to refuse to accept the return.

3.1.3 The right of withdrawal is used, the Buyer shall bear all the costs in full, which is related to the dispatch / delivery back to the manufacturer if the product is ordered from the manufacturer warehouse specifically for the Buyer.

3.1.4 Realization of the right of withdrawal applies only to natural persons.

Seller Rights and Obligations

4.1 The seller's rights

4.1.1 Not to initiate the execution of the order in the case in the absence of a certain prepayment of the Buyer the goods ordered.

4.1.2 Cancel orders if the delivery of the goods while the Buyer has not paid the entire amount of the order. An exception is made only if the Buyer and the Seller have agreed otherwise.

4.1.3 Unilaterally terminate the contract and sell the goods to third parties, if the goods by the Buyer is not requested within 14 calendar days from the date of notification of the buyer days of the arrival of the goods the Seller's warehouse. The buyer in this case can get in on the product pre-paid amount only after the sale of goods to third parties.

4.1.4 At any time refuse to execute an order, if some independent reasons from the Seller to comply with the order turns out to be impossible or significantly disturbed. Seller shall promptly inform Buyer of the order execution cancellation by e-mail or by telephone. At the request of the Buyer, the Seller shall undertake in writing to justify the refusal to order execution. Delivery in case of refusal, the Seller undertakes to 5 working days to return the buyer the amount paid.

4.1.5 Without notice to limit or suspend the right to use the online store www.epa.lv and / or delete the registration of the buyer online store where the buyer is trying to interfere with the operation of the online store, or violate the terms of this agreement.

4.1.6 At its discretion, limit the offered goods or suspend access to the Buyer the online store, as well as to limit or suspend the possibility to make a purchase the buyer who fails to comply with the commitments undertaken when shopping online store.

4.1.7 Bring an action against the Purchaser RL regulatory enactments if Buyer unreasonably refuses to accept the goods and / or misled the Seller. Seller is not responsible for the loss of the buyer arising from the above activities.

4.1.8 The seller must also have other rights under these Terms and LR legislation.

4.2 seller responsibilities

4.2.1 To acquaint buyers with these Terms.

4.2.2 Create all conditions for the buyer be able to properly use the online store, but the seller does not provide any guarantee that the store will operate without interruption or that the transfer will take place smoothly. Seller is not responsible for any loss of the buyer in connection with the online store www.epa.lv impairment.

4.2.3 To provide information on the product and its manufacturer.

4.2.4 We deliver to the Buyer his ordered goods in accordance with these Terms. In the event that during the period the Seller shall execute the order changes in commodity prices and / or terms of delivery shall immediately inform the Customer of the delivery changes in the conditions of the buyer to obtain approval of new order execution conditions. The seller must inform the buyer in writing to the Buyer's e-mail and / or telephone.

4.2.5 Provide the buyer to use the right of withdrawal.

4.2.6 Consider the claims of purchasers, address, depending on the possibilities and procedures set forth herein.

4.2.7 The seller is obliged to observe the other in these Terms and LR regulatory requirements.

4.3 Buyer's rights and obligations

4.3.1 Buyer's rights

4.3.2 Buy goods online store www.epa.lv in accordance with these provisions of the Treaty and of the legislation.

4.3.3 Request to return the payment if the seller can not fulfill the contract.

4.3.4 Use right of withdrawal.

4.3.5 Submit complaints about goods operational capacity loss during operation in the cases covered by the product warranty commitments.

4.3.6 The buyer also has other rights under these Conditions, the Consumer Protection Act and of the legislation.

4.4 Buyer's obligations

4.4.1 Get acquainted with these rules.

4.4.2 When applying for an order to enter the exact number of items required by the manufacturer's catalog. Buyer assumes responsibility for the selection.

4.4.3 After the purchase and sales agreement to pay for goods in accordance with the order specified price, the supply of and accept the ordered goods within 3 working days from the date when the Buyer has been notified of the arrival of the goods the Seller's warehouse.

4.4.4 Upon receipt of goods to sign documents confirming the receipt of the goods from the Seller.

4.4.5 Immediately correct their registration details online store www.epa.lv your personal data in case of changes.

4.4.6 Not to transfer to third parties of their online store www.epa.lv login data.

4.4.7 The buyer must also comply with these Rules and other LR regulatory requirements.

The total price of the order consists of all prices paid.

5.1 Prices are set in euros. The seller is a VAT payer. VAT counted in the price.

5.2 Commodity shipping costs are not included in the online store www.epa.lv specified commodity prices. These costs are reflected in embody prescribed order and invoice to the Buyer.

5.3 Shipping costs will be determined individually for each order, taking into account the delivery address, ordered goods weight and size. Examining the costs borne by the party whose fault the Product has been any failure or breakage. Seller delivers the goods by the buyer, which corresponds to the quality of the buyer for the selected category. Product quality (except hidden manufacturing defects) is determined by the Buyer through a visual inspection of the goods at the time of its receipt.

5.4 Seller reserves the right to make changes to the price list. If the Buyer an order before the price change has entered into force, then the product is the price in force which is the invoice at the moment of order registration.

5.5 Goods Buyer shall pay euros, based on the Seller issued invoice.

5.6 Buyer shall pay for the goods and delivery by bank transfer prepayment form by transferring the invoiced Seller's bank account. After receiving the order Seller extract and send the buyer to the specified e-mail invoice. Order processing shall be commenced after receipt of the payment Seller's bank account.

5.7 The buyer shall pay within 5 working days. If the Buyer fails to pay the invoiced amount of money, it is considered that the Buyer refuses to comply with contract terms, therefore, the seller has the right to suspend execution of the order.

6.1 Seller shall deliver the Goods to the Buyer, which quality meets the buyer selected category. Product quality (except hidden manufacturing defects) is determined by the Buyer through a visual inspection of the goods at the time of its receipt.

6.2 Where Product quality are in dispute, each Party shall have the right to make an independent evaluation. Examining costs shall be borne by the party whose fault the Product has been any failure or breakage.

7.1 Goods are provided manufacturer's factory warranty. If during the warranty period the product is experiencing technical difficulties, product warranty service will be carried out in accordance with the items specified by the manufacturer warranty terms.Product quality Where a dispute arises, each Party shall have the right to make an independent evaluation.

7.2 The warranty period starts from the moment when the Seller delivers the goods to the Buyer.

7.3 The warranty covers manufacturing defects in the goods. In case of manufacturing defect is found, the buyer has the right to require the exchange of goods. The buyer has the right to request to return the money paid if the goods replacement can not be performed within a reasonable time frame.

7.4 Warranty service, the purchaser must submit a free-form drawing up the reclamation, adding car service official conclusion on spare parts non-compliance, to the e-mail address epa.lv. Chargeback need to specify the name of the buyer, the buyer address, date of ordering goods, spare part number and order number, as well as to accurately describe the goods manufacturing defect. In the case where the defect is visual, must be accompanied by photos which clearly open product defect.

7.5 Warranty service, the purchaser need to preserve and present the purchase receipt (bill of lading), as well as delivering the goods to the Seller.

7.6 Regarding the quality of the received complaints will be addressed in accordance with the Latvian Consumer Rights Protection Law (PTAL) standards and in accordance with the regulatory provisions of the Cabinet of Ministers No 631. "Procedures for Submission and Review of Consumer Claims on non-contract goods or services' requirements.

7.7 Seller is not responsible for:

7.7.1 Of product failures are caused by negligence of the buyer;

7.7.2 Defects arising from the use for other purposes;

7.7.3 Of natural wear and tear of the product under normal use;

7.7.4 If the product is installed in the car without the service equipment;

7.7.5 If the product is installed in a car service without the license and certificate.

7.7.6 If a product installed in a person who does not have the appropriate qualifications.

8.1 The seller is released from liability in the event that the Buyer has furnished the order, without the verification of goods after the vehicle data to which the product is purchased.

8.2 Buyer is responsible for all transactions carried out using his user name and password for the online store www.epa.lv.

8.3 Buyer is responsible for spare parts wrong number provided, and as a result, unnecessary parts received. In this case the Seller's obligations are considered to be satisfactorily met, the product can not be exchanged or refunded (except in warranty cases).

8.4 For the purchase and sale of breaches of contract parties responsible Latvian Republic the legal acts specified in order.

8.5 Seller countervail non-pecuniary damage, which, according to him, the Buyer may arise due to the time of delivery or exchange rates, or due to other conditions, in accordance with these Terms.

8.6 Parties are not responsible for full or partial default, carried out in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, if any, resulting from the force majeure as: war or acts of war, fire, natural disasters, epidemics, explosions, government agencies acts or activities of customs legislation changes import and export restrictions arising independently of the will of the parties after the conclusion of the contract and other emergency situations, and if these circumstances directly affect the performance of the rules.

9.1 The Parties will take all measures in their dispute, and for resolving the dispute through negotiations. In the event that the Parties have agreed through negotiations, all disputes should be considered in accordance with Latvian legislation.

10.1 These Regulations come into force when the Buyer confirms its agreement to all the contract rules by clicking (consent grade) within the box prior to Purchase / Order payment is made. If the Buyer fails to consent to the agreement, purchase / order execution is not possible. The Parties will take all measures in their dispute, and for resolving the dispute through negotiations. In the event that the Parties have agreed through negotiations, all disputes should be considered in accordance with Latvian legislation.

10.2 To avoid confusion at the time of receipt of goods, the Buyer shall ascertain whether it fully consistent with the selected products - manufacturer, model, color, size and integration.

10.3 In order to be able to use 14 (fourteen) days of the right of withdrawal, save to damage Items in the original packaging (if any) and the assembly.

10.4 Seller reserves the right to withhold a refund or refuse to accept the goods that have damaged, not complete units, or in some other way has lost its original appearance or content.

10.5 About Product quality complaints received will be considered in accordance with Latvian Republic applicable laws and regulations.

10.6 We remind you that PTAL applies only to natural persons. Consequently, we draw attention to that legal persons can not use the right of cancellation under PTAL.

Buyer sends all messages to Seller to the e-mail address epa.lv.

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